What Is Fugaku? Fugaku Supercomputer


Fugaku is a supercomputer developed at Riken Center. Its development started in 2014 and finished in 2021. Fugaku is a successor of the K computer. This supercomputer is used for Computational Science in Kobe. Friends, do you know that the most interesting thing about Fugaku is that it is the fastest supercomputer present to date in the world? The second most interesting thing is that it is the first ARM-based computer that has this much potential.

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Hardware Information Of Fugaku

Now you all have got basic information about Fugaku, let’s discuss its hardware. Fugaku is made up of a Fujitsu A64FX microprocessor. The CPU is based on ARM version 8.2, and it applies to Scalable Vector Extensions. It is believed that Fugaku is 100 times more powerful than its predecessor, the K computer.

Software Information Of Fugaku

Now we will move to the software part of this world’s fastest supercomputer. It used a lightweight kernel operating system. The name of its operating system is IHK/McKernel. This supercomputer works on both Linux and McKernel operating systems simultaneously.

Interesting Things About Fugaku

The world’s fastest supercomputer is not just an ordinary one. It is meant to solve various major problems with its strong computational science and artificial intelligence. Let’s see in detail what interesting activitiesFugaku can do.

Finding solutions to the world’s biggest problems

Supercomputers are made to find accurate solutions to ongoing problems in the world and future predictions. Supercomputers work in a way that they can provide us with a better life. With Artificial intelligence installed in supercomputers, engineers and scientists hope to get the right predictions for every problem in the world, whether it is an incurable disease or stock market changes. Right now, fugaku’s challenge is to correctly predict climate change.

Fugaku has an artificial intelligence-based tsunami simulation model

The birth of Fugaku is to tackle global problems of the world. Climate change is one of the major issues the world has been facing in the last few decades. Scientists believe that damage due to natural disasters can be reduced by predicting them in advance. Various Japanese scientists are working on Fugaku’s Artificial Intelligence in order to create models to predict tsunamis and floods in coastal areas. Also, the interesting thing related to this model is that it can work on ordinary computers as well.

Fugaku can produce the cure for Covid 19

We all are well aware of covid 19 and how it has affected our lives. It is the biggest threat the whole world has faced in the last two years. Fugaku has played an important role in understanding the Covid 19 virus and stopping its spread. It helped by detecting how face shields are ineffective against covid 19 virus and how masks are better options than shields. It analyzed Covid 19 droplets and how those droplets spread in the environment. Fujitsu is now working on Fugaku to develop small molecules that will help in treating covid 19 infections. Fugaku is now working to find a drug that can treat covid completely in humans.


In light of these facts, we can say that Fugaku is the future. It holds the most accurate predictions of the future and can help humanity in a larger way than expected. With the expansion in technology and more discoveries, technology will play an important role. We all know this, and Fugaku is just a small example of it. Along with technology, we all can play our part in the right manner and make this planet a beautiful place to live.

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