What is Cloudflare? Features Of Cloudflare


Nowadays, every startup or company is making its own website or web applications to grow its business and expand its reach. But there are various problems when you create a website or web app over the internet, and one of the most serious problems is data protection and security. To tackle such problems, Cloudflare comes in handy. It is a security and performance suite that provides complete security to web-based programs.

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So, now the question comes: who was the mind behind the development of Cloudflare? Cloudflare was not developed by a single person, but 3 people came together; Matthey Prince, Lee Holloway, and Michelle Zatlyn in the year 2007 created this web security and performance suite. Cloudflare acts as a reverse proxy. Reverse proxy is a term used on the internet that explains a technique where the load on internal servers is reduced by caching static content in data centers that are present in a strategic manner in different locations globally.

How does Cloudflare work?

Before you learn the working of Cloudflare, it is important to understand Caching. When we talk about the computing world, Caching is high-speed data storage. This data storage provides faster results in the future when users search for similar data. Now back to Cloudflare working. Cloudflare is a reverse proxy. It acts as a wall; therefore, when someone searches for something over the internet, that request has to pass through this wall of Cloudflare to reach your site. Cloudflare scans the request and checks whether it is malicious or not. In this way, it ensures the security of a website or web application. Now talking about the performance of the website with Cloudflare. Cloudflare cache the data and, in this way, provide a smooth and quick browsing experience to the users.

Features Of Cloudflare

Reducing DDoS attacks, spam comments, etc

Cloudflare protects the website from various malicious DDoS attacks and spam comments and provides a safe environment to run a website or web applications.

Balanced CDN

Cloudflare is intelligent in its work. It smartly balances the load as it is spread over 200 data centers across the globe. Due to this, websites work fast without web traffic congestion.

Smart caching

Servers of Cloudflare are present strategically in various places. They cache content so that it can be delivered fast. In this way, Cloudflare reduces latency issues.

Geographical routing

Geo-based routing of Cloudflare helps website visitors to get the information from the servers nearest to them. This again ensures fast browsing and displaying content over web apps and websites.

Smart image optimization

Cloudflare offers a smart image optimization facility. It provides next-gen images which are smaller in size and load quickly on browsers.

Cloudflare saves bandwidth

One of the best features of Cloudflare is that it can save a lot of bandwidth by detecting bot traffic and expelling it immediately.

Intelligent threat detection

Cloudflare has a smart threat detection system. It learns from attacks that happen on any site, and on the basis of this learning, it improvises and expands its protection and protects other sites immediately.

Because of all these features Cloudflare has been the talk of the town and used by most of the organizations. We hope you liked the information provided by us, for more interesting information keep visiting TechySage.

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