Kyra: The First Meta Influencer Of India

Kyra is a virtual influencer. She is 22 years old.

Kyra lives in Mumbai, she is a travel bug, fitness enthusiast and a lively person.

She was the creation of Himanshu Goel and his company Top Social India.

Kyra can fail even the Kylie Jenner, when it comes to photoshoot. No doubt she is a photogenic person.

Kyra is India's first meta influencer and is among the list of other meta influencer.

She regularly post about travel and lifestyle on her Instagram account. Right now she is having around 189k followers.

With her traveling videos, she is also famous on her YouTube channel.

Kyra is also associated with various brands like Boat India, and John Jacobs.

As Kyra is health freak, she regularly post Yoga and fitness posts on her social media

This is all about Kyra, we will update you about her more soon.