How To Get Google Adsense Approval

1. Create a website/blog site on any Niche of your own choice.

2. Create Important Pages: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions.

3. Write atleast 40+ articles of minimum 1000 words. All articles should be unique and   original.

4. Get all your posts indexed through Google Search Console.

5. Do not index thin content pages. Example: category, tags, author page.

6. Create a Google Adsense account first.

7. Connect Your website/blog with Google Adsense.

8. If you are using Wordpress then you can install Google Sitekit plugin   to connect your site with Google Adsense.

9. Google Sitekit will place the ads code automatically on all pages of your website.

10. After submitting the website for verification by adsense, keep posting articles daily   or on alternative days.

11. Follow all these steps and you will get adsense approval for sure.

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