Blooket Learning Platform

Blooket is an educational platform. It helps students to learn with games.

This platform helps students to learn in fun way with the help of gaming.

The main purpose of this platform is to make education and learning fun.

Here is how you can access blooket


Search on your browser.


Create an account if using it first time.


Login with your account to access Blooket.


You can play blooket game very easily via blooket join. It basically requires a 6-digit code and your name.

You can also play other Blooket games as well. For that just type your game name in discover area.

Now you can add your favorite Blooket game in Favorite list. So that you don't have to search every time.

In short, blooket is a great learning way for kids. It engages the kid with interactive content and help them to learn without getting bored.

You can read about the BLOOKET in detail on the link given below.