How To Make Money With Blogging | Proven Methods To Earn Money With Blogging

how to make money with blogging

Blogging has not just remained like pass time activity now. Around the world, bloggers are earning a good amount of money with the help of their blogs. Do you know how? We will provide you with complete information in this article today on the topic: How To Make Money With Blogging. Along with that, we will share some interesting and mind-blowing facts related to revenue a person can generate through a blog. So, read till the end and find all the ways through which you can also earn a good amount of money with your own blog.

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5 Best Ways That Help You To Make Money With Blogging

We have listed down the proven methods to earn money through blogging. Follow these methods and start your earning now.

Give A Service To Your Users

Bloggers who are writing informative content and have something to educate the audience can provide paid services as well. For example, choose a topic and write 1000 words on it in a way that your audience further wants to read it. Now for the remaining part of the information, charge a certain amount from your readers. You can use various payment gateways to let your readers transfer money to your account. In this way, you can earn a good amount of money with your content.

Sell A Course Or Ebook

Nowadays, many people who have great knowledge of digital marketing have started their own websites. They put various courses on websites and sell them. They sell ebooks or subscriptions to courses. People who want to learn through them purchase their courses and Ebooks. So, if you have any skills like graphic designing, SEO, digital marketing, etc., then make your Ebook and attach it to your blog or website and sell it.

Earn Through Sponsored Posts Or Promotions

Bloggers who are receiving a good amount of web traffic on their blogs can earn a lot. If your blog has a good domain authority and is doing well, then small brands may contact you to promote their products on your website/blog. Also, you can earn through backlinks as well. New bloggers and website owners may contact you for backlinks. You can charge them for backlinks as well.

Earn Through Advertisements

Now earning through advertisements is one of the best ways of making money with blogging. There are various ad networks that help you to show ads on your blogs. Google Adsense is one of the leading ad networks helping bloggers to generate a hefty amount of money by placing various ads on blog websites. Similar to Google Adsense, there are various other ad networks such as Ezoic,, Propeller Ads, etc. If you get a good amount of website traffic, then your earnings will increase greatly.

Another form of advertisement is a direct advertisement. This method can be really helpful for bloggers having an established blog website. Contact brand owners directly and place their advertisements on your blogs and charge for those advertisements from them.

Earn With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one more method that can help you to earn a potential amount of money. Affiliate marketing is based on commission. In affiliate marketing, you place the product link on your blog or website or send it to the audience through email marketing. When anyone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you will receive a good commission from it. Amazon,, hostinger, and many more online websites and organizations have started affiliate programs. You can register yourself and start placing affiliate links to make money online.

All these methods can be used to make money online with blogging. Let us share data with you. A blogger can earn up to $ 12,000 monthly, whereas a new blogger can generate a revenue of $100 per month with small but consistent efforts.

So by now, you must be thinking that I should start my own blog and make money. But remember, nothing comes easily; you have to be consistent in blogging to bring traffic to your blog; then only you will get great results. We hope you get some good information from this article. For more interesting articles, keep visiting TechySage.

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